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  • Distinguishing History of the House of Fragonard
    Distinguishing History of the House of Fragonard A French perfumery house from Grasse, Fragonard, manufactures their products in their own factory, and this factory is amongst the most interesting sights in the city. Being home to some of the oldest perfume makers in the business, the climate conditions of Grasse are perfect for raising delicate ...
  • The Story Of Hermes Perfumes
    The Story Of Hermes Perfumes A French luxury goods house Hermes is was founded by by Thierry Hermes in 1837. Originally focused on high quality accessories, the company has evolved over time into scarves, leather handbags, fashion, accessories, and, of course, Hermes fragrance. ...
  • Houbigant Perfumes: From the First Days of Their History
    Houbigant Perfumes: From the First Days of Their History The house of Houbigant is world-wide known with its rich and illustrious history. For more than 235 years, the house served as the perfumer to dignitaries, Royals, and opinion leaders all over the world, symbolizing the ultimate luxury of an artisan’s touch. It has a remarkable tra ...

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Fragrances, scented oils, and perfumes have been adorned by people since early civilization. Today, fragrances are found all around, from your favorite body and bath products, to scented candles. There are lots of reasons why people wear perfumes, but after all everything boils down to the fact that fragrances make people feel happy. The reason people feel happy is heavily dependent on the individual, but can range from the presence of a feeling of escape, memories the scent arouses, and the ability to express individuality through fragrances.

Perfumes belong to the most difficult accessories to pin down and to define. The reason for this is that they are such a personal choice, featuring so many exclusive qualities. Even though perfumes for women and fragrances for men are expensive, they are well worth the money you spend as long as they can ideate different feelings and be a pleasant experience for both you and the people close to you.

 Get the idea about the kind of perfume you want to wear, check out our selection of numerous luxury fragrances, get one for yourself and then indulge yourself in the best perfumes ever. At our perfume store, there is a wide selection of perfumes for women (pour femme), as well as perfumes for men (pour home).

With a wide variety of fragrances for men with mysteriously seductive woody, musky, and earthy scents or refreshing aqua and citrus ones, as well as fragrances for women with spicy, musky, and fine scents or fresh, summery ones, our cheap fragrances are going to keep the wearer smelling good throughout the day and night. Regardless of whether you are the functional, charming, flamboyant, suave, or dynamic type, you will find the best fragrances for yourself at our perfume shop.

Being the olfactory manifestation of your charm and personality, perfumes have the magical power to mesmerize. When it comes to discount perfumes, there are numerous luxury brands and design fragrances in stock. From pleasant to floral and from nostalgic memories to the limited edition, the list of scents is endless.

Our extensive assortment of perfume brands comprises every scent you can find at any local perfume store. The reviews provided for each perfume will let you find exactly what you are looking for easily. The firs-shoppers, as well as the most discerning devotees can purchase the right perfume at a surprisingly low price.

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Here you have a chance to say goodbye to all those Duty Free stores offering low-quality knock-offs and imitations and get 100% authentic fragrances at discounted prices. With thousands of offerings in our stock, you will definitely find what you are looking for! From niche brands like Bond №9, Diptyque, Bois 1920, Amouage, Escentric Molecules, Annick Goutal, and Fragonard, to popular ones like Armand Basi, Chloe, Badgley Mischka, Cacharel, Britney Spears, Cartier, and Donna Karan, as well as tons of other contemporary and old fragrances, we have them all covered!

Browsing the pages of the perfume store, you will find yourself having to choose between the eau de toilette, eau de parfum, and cologne. Do not get confused and knocked out! Actually, your choice will depend on what kind of trail you want and how long you need your fragrance to last. Some may go for a discreet summer scents, while others may choose the one that will envelope them in a comforting halo during winter days. Due to this, get to know exactly how to vary the concentrations.

If you do not like heavy fragrances and need something lighter, then go for eau de toilettes that are available at our perfume shop for any taste. With an 8 to 12% perfume oil concentration, these fragrances offer a discreet trail. With lower perfume oil concentrations, eau de colognes are wonderfully refreshing options in warm weather.

If you need a long-lasting fragrance, then forget about the mentioned above options. To make a statement with a sensual trail, opt for eau de parfums! Thanks to the higher perfume oil concentration (from 12 to 20%), they last up to 8 hours on average, so you can enjoy the strong smell of your favorite fragrance all day or night long!

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