Distinguishing History of the House of Fragonard

A French perfumery house from Grasse, Fragonard, manufactures their products in their own factory, and this factory is amongst the most interesting sights in the city. Being home to some of the oldest perfume makers in the business, the climate conditions of Grasse are perfect for raising delicate flowers that are some of the most in demand natural perfume materials.

The fashion house was founded by Eugene Fuchs in 1926. The founder named the company as a tribute to a French Rocco painter Jean-Honore Fragonard, who was also his landsman. This is one of the oldest perfume houses which earliest edition was launched in 1928 and the newest one is from 2015. The nose who worked on Fragonard fragrances is Jean Guichard.

Fragonard Perfume Line: Brief Review

Nowadays, the accomplished French fragrance house offers 35 Fragonard fragrances, which are categorized into the following categories: florals, naturals, fruits, and Orientals. One of the oldest Fragonard fragrances, which still remains one of the brand’s best sellers, is Zizanie for men. Developed in 1932, this masculine Fragonard scent has a rich blend of sandalwood and patchouli.

Other popular Fragonard men’s fragrances include Santal Fragonard and Eau Frivole and popular Fragonard women’s fragrances include Reve Indien, Lune De Miel, Emilie, Capucine, Soleil, a potent blend of lily, jasmine, and rose, and the recently released Bille Doux by Fragonard, a tribute to the classic flowers of the French Riviera featuring Sweet William carnation, frangipani, and peony.

The company still remains a relatively small and highly traditional fragrance brand that is run by Anne and Agnes Costa that are the great-granddaughters of the company’s founder. The house is still based out of several factories in and around Grasse, in France, where it also makes cosmetics, soaps, and other scented body-care products, all using tried-and-true perfumery techniques.

Fragonard also runs several museums that display the antique jewelry and clothing of the Fuchs family and celebrate the technique and history of perfume making they employ. Around Grasse, there are also several Fragonard boutiques centered.

The boutiques feature a Fragonard “fragrance bookshop”, clothing, antiques, linen, and jewelry that showcase the brand’s passion for traditional decadence and elegance. Nowadays, the Fragonard fragrance lines are distributed in 20 countries around the Earth.

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