Houbigant Perfumes: From the First Days of Their History

The house of Houbigant is world-wide known with its rich and illustrious history. For more than 235 years, the house served as the perfumer to dignitaries, Royals, and opinion leaders all over the world, symbolizing the ultimate luxury of an artisan’s touch.

It has a remarkable tradition of high quality, elegance, and innovation that is incomparable in the world of perfumery. Houbigant fragrances have lasted the test of time and are as honored nowadays as they were many years ago.

The perfume house of Houbigant was founded by Jean Francois Houbigant in 1775. Like Guerlain, the house was kept by royalty in the beginning of its history, but unlike Guerlain, it has not come to see the modern era with its reputation entirely unharmed.

The first Houbigant perfume, Houbigant Fougère Royale, was made by using the synthetic coumarin, and is thus sometimes called the first contemporary perfume.     

The first Houbigant modern floral-bouquet perfume, Houbigant Quelques Fleurs, was introduced to the world in 1912. Both Houbigant scents were discontinued in the 1950’s and re-launched in the 1980’s. Fougère Royale and Quelques Fleurs are currently distributed by the Houbigant Paris prestige fragrance line.

Houbigant Aperçu perfume, first launched in 1925, came to see the modern era, but appears to have been discontinued. Other fragrances, such as Demi-Jour, La Rose France, Fleur Bienaimée, Bois Dormant, Présence, Etude, Festival, and others are long gone.

Houbigant fragrances that were introduced as prestige fragrances, such as Raffinee and Chantilly, were later repositioned as mass-market Houbigant fragrances.

Houbigant Perfume House: Ownership of the House

The Houbigant’s ownership is too intricate to tell in detail. In 1993, the firm filed for bankruptcy, then in 1994 was acquired by Renaissance Cosmetics. Since 2005, the prestige line that is called Houbigant Paris now has been owned by the Perris family. They distribute Fougère Royale, Quelques Fleurs, Quelques Fleurs Royale, and Duc de Vervins. Recent releases include Iris des Champs, and Orangers en Fleurs.

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